Preserving the Acoustics of Cathedrals in the United Kingdom


Cathedral acoustics represents a key part of Europe’s intangible cultural heritage at risk of being altered by architectural deterioration or restoration work. This multidisciplinary project, funded by the European Commission through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and hosted by the University of York, aims to preserve the acoustics of four English cathedrals, which represent the diversity of this group of heritage buildings, by characterising their acoustic behaviour through impulse response measurements as well as by recreating their sound environment throughout history using computer models.

- Latest news -

Second acoustic measurement session at Bristol cathedral

7th March 2020

The last acoustic measurement session as part of the CATHEDRAL ACOUSTICS project was held this month in Bristol Cathedral with the aim of capture a new set of room impulse response for auralisation purposes. Find more details in our EVENTS section.

Photo by Lidia AlvarezBristol cathedral acoustic measurements


8th February 2020

Cathedral acoustics project was disseminated in one of the largest events in York to show research to a general audience, York Researcher's Night, held in the York Barbican this February. Please, find more details in the EVENT section.

Amazing women in audio and acoustics

- interview of the month -

Elly Martin

September 2020

Elly is a physicist working on therapeutic ultrasound in the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at University College London. She does a lot of work on measuring ultrasound fields and analysing models of ultrasound propagation. She is currently investigating a new application of ultrasound for warming of cells and tissues after cryopreservation.

Elly is also passionate about advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in STEM. She is one of the leaders of the Female Futures initiative, which aims of making the women in her department more visible, advancing their careers and helping to build a network.