Preserving the Acoustics of Cathedrals in the United Kingdom


Cathedral acoustics represents a key part of Europe’s intangible cultural heritage at risk of being altered by architectural deterioration or restoration work. This multidisciplinary project, funded by the European Commission through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and hosted by the University of York, aims to preserve the acoustics of four English cathedrals, which represent the diversity of this group of heritage buildings, by characterising their acoustic behaviour through impulse response measurements as well as by recreating their sound environment throughout history using computer models.

- Latest news -

Cathedral Acoustics in AES DUBLIN 2019

Dublin, Ireland, 20th-23rd March 2019

A tutorial and a technical tour on Cathedral Acoustics were given at the AES 146th PRO AUDIO CONVENTION. Read more about this dissemination activity in the EVENT section.

Acoustic measurement sessions at Ripon Cathedral

16th February and 8th March 2019

Two acoustic measurement sessions were held in Ripon cathedral in order to capture the peculiar acoustic behaviour of this amazing building. Find more details in our EVENTS section.

Photo by Pedro BustamanteRipon cathedral acoustic measurements

Amazing women in acoustics

- interview of the month -

Philippa Demonte

June 2019

Philippa is currently doing a PhD in Acoustics and Audio Engineering at the University of Salford. Her research is investigating ways in which a new approach to sound engineering, called object-based audio, could be manipulated to improve speech intelligibility, particularly in broadcasting.

Philippa’s journey to this point has been somewhat unconventional. She originally studied for a degree in Linguistics and Modern Languages (Norwegian and German) before working for a decade in the music business. In 2007, she decided on a career change towards volcano monitoring, and returned to university to study Geophysics. A serendipitous Tweet in late-2016 finally steered Philippa to her current research position.

Philippa is an eager promoter of STEM subjects and gender equality through social media and events.

In her spare time she enjoys Zumba, hiking, and going to music concerts.