Preserving the Acoustics of Cathedrals in the United Kingdom


Cathedral acoustics represents a key part of Europe’s intangible cultural heritage at risk of being altered by architectural deterioration or restoration work. This multidisciplinary project, funded by the European Commission through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and hosted by the University of York, aims to preserve the acoustics of four English cathedrals, which represent the diversity of this group of heritage buildings, by characterising their acoustic behaviour through impulse response measurements as well as by recreating their sound environment throughout history using computer models.

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The Journey Begins!!!

1st October 2018

Cathedral Acoustics starts! Visit our website and follow us on twitter to know all about the project findings and future events. Find the latest news about our research and all the information recovered as part of this amazing project. Lets enjoy!

Ely cathedral picture - Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

Amazing women in acoustics

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Sara Girón

March 2019

Sara Girón is a Professor at the University of Seville, and one of the heads of the Acoustic research group of the High School of Architecture. Her impressive trajectory in acoustics of heritage buildings began in the 90s, going through the acoustic analysis of theatres, catholic churches and cathedrals, and, in the project that she currently leads, Roman theatres.

Her strong background in Physics in combination with the fact that Sara has been working surrounded by architects for more than 30 years makes her having the perfect profile to work with this type of buildings. Sara takes advantage of her strong personality in favour of the achievement of equal roles for men and women within the construction world, and always takes the chance of passing this principle on to each of her students.